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What's the best hidden gem in the TED archive?

Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Jill Bolte Taylor, Patties Maes, David Gallo, Elizabeth Gilbert ... They're crowd pleasers and perennial favorites (and I love them, every one!). But there are so many hidden gems in the TED archive that deserve to be seen and shared. Let's unearth them!

What's the little-known sleeper hit that captured your heart?


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      Feb 14 2011: Oh dear! Jenny, I imagine it is QUITE challenging, indeed, to translate that story. How on earth do you convey both the pun and the accent within the constraints of subtitles! This is one of the wonders of translation, for sure....
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      Feb 15 2011: I translated that to Indonesian... but if we're doing "notting hill" kinda brownies contest... you win. Cause at least my language is written in latin alphabets...

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