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What's the best hidden gem in the TED archive?

Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Jill Bolte Taylor, Patties Maes, David Gallo, Elizabeth Gilbert ... They're crowd pleasers and perennial favorites (and I love them, every one!). But there are so many hidden gems in the TED archive that deserve to be seen and shared. Let's unearth them!

What's the little-known sleeper hit that captured your heart?


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    Feb 11 2011: This conversation has elicited some fantastic suggestions! I thought I had seen most of the TEDTalks, but many listed below--be they relics or contemporary gems---had previously escaped me. I'll be steadily working through this strand, and I hope it continues to grow.

    I'd like to add a somewhat atypical Talk to the mix. TEDPrize winner, Jose Abreu's case for learning music as a form of character development---


    As an educator, I've watched music programs deteriorate in almost every school I've visited. It's utterly tragic. Jose said what needed to be said, proved what needed to be proved & he and his Fellows continue to conduct the good fight regarding the use of music in education.

    I probably watch this Talk once a month & I think it should be viewed by every school superintendent in the country/world!

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