Jaydeep Banerjee

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True equality between Males and Females

Half of the world’s population are females and yet their voices are not half-heard.

In the stone-age Arab cultures under their shariyaat law, two females count as one vote. What a travesty of justice? In some other cultures and religions men marry multiple women (important to specify the gender), while in some other cultures women were burnt on the pyre alongside the bodies of their husbands.

Women are treated as second-handers. It’s a dichotomy that on one-hand while women create the leaders (quite literally) on the other, they cannot be counted upon to contribute to the society, let alone rule or even lead.

Among certain distasteful men, fairly educated too, it’s often heard that keeping women behind the veil is the perfect solution and that some cultures have clinched the formula. What has the man reduced himself to?

The insecurities of equality, inadequacies of skills and in abilities of multi-dimensional capabilities and behaviours, have made men cringe to women’s rise to fame and power. After all, how many men have become heroes only because they were scared to become failures.

Let's create a world of equal opportunities.

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    Dec 18 2011: I share your instinctive reaction. Our value systems are similar. I wonder, however, whether the system we complain about, has evolved that way because it benefits only men, or because there was a benefit for that type of society as a whole. If you were to be the Devil's Advocate here, how would you outline those potential benefits?
  • Dec 18 2011: Jaydeep, CONGRATULATIONS on your thinking for yourself and for having the courage and wisdom to express your true thoughts and feelings on this important subject. Life will be a whole lot more fun for all men and women as soon as all women and men understand and act upon what you are saying here. Right on, dude!
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    Dec 18 2011: Sexes? Genders? People should be equal in terms of rights and privileges as well as responsibilities.