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Isn't it stupid to fight against racists?

most of us hate racists.. because they link the qualities of people to the gene that codes for their skin color, which was granted by "god" and one can't change it..

now think about that every single behavioral trait that we hate ( laziness, lies, implicit sexual behavior, aggression.. ) can be linked to the single gene or a bucket of genes that were also granted by "God" and most of the people are not able to change it..

we are all "Racists".. So it is stupid to hate.. even hating a racist is stuipid.

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    Dec 18 2011: I hate 'hate'
  • Dec 29 2011: Racism is merely the society driven perpetuation of ignorant unexamined thought. It does no good to hate a bigot because their knee jerk reaction is to just be more racist as a result. Dr. King explained it best-- one must show another his humanity in order to appeal to their human sensibilities.
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    Dec 26 2011: Hating people that hate people because they hate people.

    It makes no sense once it is written down
  • Dec 25 2011: Edward, Racism today is not all about killing or beating black people; racists are not classic Ku Klux Klan activists. We usually use this term to refer people who refuse to hire black people, calling blacks (the n-word), pay low salary or in some other way discriminate them.

    To put it in other terms, Mr. White will not hire Mr. Black because, he has a different flavor of gene X (that code for skin color) - this is typically called racism.

    Then why it is not racism when Mr. Boss pays to Mr. Tall 70 000$ a year and to Mr. Small a 55 000$ just because a difference in height (this is fact that tall people are paid higher) ?
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    Dec 24 2011: Will you support your statement, "we are all racists" with a logical argument please? A syllogism would be nice. Thank you Boris for your contribution.
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    Dec 22 2011: Firstly, we don't like racists, because they are danger, a part of them are aggressive. Then, we don't like racists, because we don't agree with their opinion about qualities-skin colour, which is an argument for them to hate others, and as I said, get aggressive towards others.
    As I'm not a racist, I can not link that what you wrote in your 2nd paragraph. I believe, many of the negative behaviour cases can be dealt by psychotherapy.
    Of course, it's silly to 'hate', but some people simply strongly disagree with them, especially when they get aggressive.
    'Isn't it stupid to fight against racists?' - we 'fight' with them, 'cause we don't want people get offended, abused or worse.
    Psychologically, we should set our goals in a positive way, for example 'the peaceful world' (instead of 'the world without wars' or 'no wars') and so on, because in this way our minds get the goal correctly, plus, positive is much stronger, isn't it?
    So we should foster tolerance, consciousness (not FIGHT).
  • Dec 19 2011: My point is that If we are fighting against people who discriminate other people because of the skin color, why don't we fight against those who discriminate because bunch of other things. For example we know that there is a strong correlation between average salary and the height. Every inch of your height means higher salary for you. So consciously or subconsciously bunch of HRs and executives discriminate people

    There is very strong genetic predictor of being monogamous or polygamous. We will never elect the president(unless he has skills of converting water into the wine or debts into high employment) with bad family history who has divorced twice, is single or had a lover..

    There can be hundreds of other examples.. My point is that fighting its racism is just shooting in one direction when there there thousands of other targets. We need something like a mindblowing hydrogen bomb, not a targeted shoot against one point..
  • Dec 18 2011: People are not born racists based on their genes. People may be born with a tendency towards different types of behavior, any mother can tell you that, but they are also born with freedom of choice. A mother doesn't think, oh, this child is lazy so doesn't have to do their chores.

    Racists can hold any opinion they like. They just can't discriminate against people based on that opinion if they are providing a service to the public, for example running a restaurant. They don't have to invite someone to dinner in their home because that is personal
  • Dec 18 2011: Boris, I wonder what you think would be the best way to dissolve racism. If it is related to low self-esteem, I wonder what can we do to elevate the self-esteem of the racists, so they will stop being racists. I think we need to take a positive approach. "Fighting" doesn't feel good for anyone. We need to live in a world in which everyone is a winner. Let's create our way out of the racism issue so we can all enjoy each other as we are with all of our similarities and differences.
  • Dec 18 2011: Boris, it may be foolhardy to fight against racists. But, it is necessary to fight against racism and all of the other issues you mention. All societies must produce norms and then mucst find ways to uphold those norms, through sanctions both positive and negative. It is necessary for those of us who care to fight against some of society's evils, such as racism for all that evil needs to flourish is for good men to do nothing.