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How do you celebrate this season? What are your rituals, traditions and foods? Tell us about yours from around the globe or around the block

Our TED community spans the globe, with a myriad of religions, traditions, rituals, foods and ceremonies. Many of us celebrate holidays this time of year. How do you and your culture celebrate...and what do you most appreciate about your family or community traditions. What is the story behind your culture's traditions?

As online communities deepen, I'm sometimes at a loss for how to meaningfully share the spirit of holidays and other significant events with those I experience connection with here. Perhaps hearing how we celebrate, and what matters, will allow us to see and understand more about each other in our online community.

Or, if you're inclined, share a personal favorite memory or story of the holidays.

Happy Holidays, One and All!


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    Dec 24 2011: Some of you may find this amusing, but my family (which consists of just my father, my little brother, and I) is somewhat "scroogish" in the sense that we do not partake in normal American Christmas traditions. My family for some reason doesn't enjoy the holidays that much and quite frankly we can't wait till they pass every year.

    Though, every Christmas day the 3 of us go to watch a movie. As unspectacular as it may be, it is still the closest thing to tradition that we partake in. However, none the less I am grateful for the 2 people that I spend those 2 hours in the movie theater with every year. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way =)

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