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What's your manspace?

Without wishing to annoy or upset our female members here at TED, I have noticed that we have quite many talks on women's issues, but only two on men's, one of them being the one by Sam Martin on the world of manspaces, an idea I find very interesting and also very much worth discussing.

Of course, this discussion is open to both genders and I would welcome a diverse and mixed feedback!

So guys - do you have a manspace and if yes, what is it?
And ladies - does your spouse / friend / son have such a thing? And if yes, what's your take on it?

Looking forward to your answers!

  • Mar 3 2011: How does one make the distinction between 'manspace' and just 'myspace'?
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    Mar 3 2011: My manspace is my studio behind my house. I don't escape my wife, ecause I have a husband. I'm a guy.
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    Mar 3 2011: Welll, I've actually got four :-). My primary one is the least interesting: I share a home office with my spouse, which is divided by a low bookcase, and rather hemmed in by other bookcases, printers and cabinets. The resulting area, probably 8' x 15', is where I spend most of my time at home. It's got my computer and all my 'good stuff' (ie, in female terms, "junk"), and no one is welcome back there except me.

    More interesting, and a bit more traditional, is my library. I'm a book collector, and when my collection outgrew our apartment, I moved it to a special room at my office, outfitted with plush leather chairs and a couch, fireplace, reading lamps, etc. It's quite a peaceful, quiet place:

    Moving up the "interesting" scale, we come to my antique letterpress print shop, which is adjacent to the library. It is stocked with antique wood and metal type, several printing presses and all the accoutrements. It is a great place for me to zone out and lose myself in the antique art and craft of book production.

    Finally, pegging the end of the manspace spectrum, is the caboose. This was actually the topic of a mainstage TED talk on how I got it, but suffice to say that it's a fully-restored, 50 foot antique wooden caboose that lives in a caboose commune in New Hampshire and takes weekend trips around the Lakes Region of NH.
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      Mar 3 2011: Wow, very impressive!
      I love the look of your library and the caboose sounds too good to be true! :)
      I'm sure anyone reading this will be at least a little bit envious of that.