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Should economics be a mandatory class since elementary school?

In the most (maybe all) societies economics is one of the key logic that shapes social relationships, should we share the understanding of how the world works with them?

Since our youngest age, we are full of questions of how and why things work in a certain way. The economic system is a reality in which we live; should children given tools to understand it?

I believe that the fundamentals knowledge can be understood by young children. Supply and demand, market, risk understanding are finally very simple if they are introduce properly. Children hear of economics situation in math problems, geography, history, in literature readings and so o, without any formal class. Lack of understanding creates stress and lack of confidence in society.

Is elementary school to early?


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    Dec 18 2011: Hi Kristian,

    I would like to start by congratulation on your work, creating games instead of formal classes is a lot more work but leads to amazing results from what I have seen when I was a student (in additional to formal class not instead :) )

    Regarding the content, is it possible that you teach first simple observation of the reality (existence of different type of markets for example is hardly contestable) than introduce prudently models. Spending time on explaining what a model is essential anyway for the understanding of a lot of social sciences.

    As a someone who is not a teacher I am glad to have your feedback and it is great to hear about this type of initiative 

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