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I am endeavoring to open a Center for The Working Homeless. Who wants to help me?

I am the Poster Child For The Working Homeless....My Story....
From homelessness to hope, Queen Charis has taken her trials and turned them into triumphs to impact those in her realm of influence to spread awareness of this overlooked population and to set forth change that makes a real difference.
With a camera, I will take you to the different locations I lived while homeless.
Please Help. It could happen to you.

  • Dec 31 2011: Me :)
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      Jan 12 2012: Heyyyyyy Kiana please forgive me for just getting back to you...I have been swamped since the New Year with follow-up with all my emails and phonecalls. Is there an way I can contact you??

      This conversation will be over in four days. My direct email is queen@charisiconic.com

      Thanks So Much for being the one and only person who has a passion for this cause.

      Warm Regards,
      Queen Charis