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Is homosexuality in teenagers being handled correctly?

The last year has definitely brought more awareness to the issue of homosexuality in teenagers. Several suicides occur every month and some teens even take drastic measures to show off their torment. Confusion and public discrimination tangle these kids' lives and it seems like they're left to their misery. And what are we doing to help?

My question: is society taking enough action to prevent as many of these deaths as possible? The media is so sporadic as it is, and it seems that the hype about supporting these troubled teens has already passed. Regardless of whether you think homosexuality is right or wrong, please give feedback on what we need to do as a community to fix these problems. However, feel free to share your personal outlook on homosexuality if it relates to the question.

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    Dec 16 2011: This isn't about handling homosexuality in teens, but about handling bullying and discrimination around the world. Teens don't need a handle on homosexuality.
  • Dec 17 2011: Well.
    This quote from Corvida, "This isn't about handling homosexuality in teens, but about handling bullying and discrimination around the world," kinda sums up what I wanted to say.

    I don't believe we handle virtually anything about sex correctly. So much of what I was given or taught,
    actually as close as you could come to 100%, was all lies.

    Lies, told for generation after generation, decade after decade, and.....
    are still being told and proselytized today!!

    In today's world, again, as I see it and as I see America for instance, is about worshipping
    lies, passing them on, and developing neurosis in their children with the refrain,
    "it is for their own good!", yet, this is not called child abuse.

    Many have forgotten, that those of the Insane Moral Right, forced a President to fire
    a Surgeon General for simply telling the truth!!!!

    Among some of the things she said concerning sex itself and sex education were,
    "We've tried ignorance for a thousand years, maybe we should try education."
    "Forcing young people and brainwashing them into abstinence, is itself child abuse"

    Incidentally, she was fired for saying and suggesting we teach children honestly, factually
    and accurately about sex and that included masturbation being normal or a normal part of
    one's sexuality. Which is true, and it is normal, and she was backed up by studies, facts,
    statistics and real information.

    America had a President who went to war based on lies! Perhaps he should have masturbated first!

    But, America is a country of people who worship lies. They worship their neuroses. They want
    their lies because they don't want the truth. A pathetic, psychological, psychotic pathology.
    And now, they are the bullies of the world.

    A psychosis-like hope. Hope by definition isn't real but so many believe in it, cling to it and believe it is real.
    No, not Israel.
    Hoping is done because one doesn't know the truth and nothing is done
    or accomplished by hope. "There's always hope" means not knowing.