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What moment in history do you wish you could have witnessed?

If you could go back--or go to the future--what do you want to witness?

Is it the moment of the Big Bang?
Is it the moment Eve ate the apple?

What do you think?


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  • Dec 17 2011: Well... I would say the Sermon on the Mount, because I'm partial to Jesus :-), however in modern-ish history I would say any speech from Thomas Jefferson.

    This isn't necessarily an historical event however meeting C. S. Lewis would be amazing!
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      Dec 17 2011: Hi Jacob,

      Mr Jefferson rarely spoke in public. He was very bad at it (by his own admission.) He was an EXCELLENT writer which is why he was asked to draft the Declaration of Independence.

      Abraham Lincoln is considered by some to be the greatest American orator.

      Other great orators include Clarence Darrow, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Dr Martin Luther King, and even Ronald Reagan.

      Cicero, is of course, legendary.
      • Dec 17 2011: I know, however Mr. Jefferson's ideals are some of the most influential to me, and I'm sure despite his inhibitions he managed to have at least one truly amazing speech.
    • Dec 17 2011: I hope you are familiar with Hebrew!
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        Dec 17 2011: QUOTE: "I hope you are familiar with Hebrew!"

      • Dec 17 2011: I also believe it would have been in Aramaic, and since it is fantasy to imagine we could go back I time, I figured why not imagine I could understand the language also :-)
        • Dec 17 2011: Thank you! I laugh at myself!
    • Dec 17 2011: Concerning Thomas Jefferson; "Throughout his presidency, he gave only two speeches -- one speech per term, and both were at his inaugurations."


      And since he was apparently such a poor orator, I imagine reading these address may be better. Here is a website that has all of the Inaugural addresses attached. Enjoy.


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