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What moment in history do you wish you could have witnessed?

If you could go back--or go to the future--what do you want to witness?

Is it the moment of the Big Bang?
Is it the moment Eve ate the apple?

What do you think?

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    Dec 16 2011: I would go back to see the exact moment when the Buddha got enlightened under a tree :)
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    Dec 17 2011: The moment when our father ape who every other ape laughed at, decided to become special, and stood up. If it weren't for that moment. we would never be here where we are now, so I consider that moment one of the greatest moments of life.
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    Dec 16 2011: Sojourner Truth's "Ain't I a Woman?" speech!

    Again, it's not the most important moment in history, but it would be truly beautiful to see!

    (for anyone who's unfamiliar with this speech, here's a version of Alice Walker reading it out... (I would give you the original but it was in 1851 and so therefore wasn't immediately loaded onto YouTube haha) )
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      Dec 17 2011: This is simply great Stuart.

      I think this speech has had so much influence in the course of history. thanks
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      Dec 17 2011: Stuart, simply wonderful.....I'll share it with teachers I know.
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    Dec 16 2011: Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech.

    It's not the most important moment in history for me, but I would like to go back and witness this.
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      Dec 16 2011: Thanks Corvida :)
      I'd surely want to witness this too.
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      Dec 16 2011: Me too Corvida, witnissing that surrounded by people who are fighting for the same golds, in that environment of equality and spirit of "together we can do it", witnissing people's kindness, to me, it would be a great moment.
      I wish I would feel that.
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    Dec 19 2011: the first winter solstice with siberian mushroom cults. it be a bit cold though : /
  • Dec 17 2011: 1400 years ago
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    Dec 17 2011: I would like to witness a world full of peace and happiness for all
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    Dec 17 2011: Balboa, when he discovered, for the Europeans anyway, the Pacific ocean. Or any other explorer that first found an ocean.
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    Dec 17 2011: Eve ate apple is a myth. Big Bang is before evolution of mankind. However do those dates even matter?

    The only date I wish I had witnessed was my birth or the time immediately leading to it. What a momentous experience.
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    Dec 17 2011: It is a little complicated because of the times are diferents each other, nowadays we are watching important changes in our world in a faster way than before, internet for example has been the motor in this changes, there a lot of new invents, there are new discoverings etc that you can see in our time.
    but if i decide at what moment i would like to go i could say to the Jesus Christ time.
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    Dec 17 2011: to tell the truth, I wish I could witnessed all the event that have great impact on our daily lives. taking Steve Jobs, you know the revolutions he`ve contributed. I wish I could go back in mu life to know how I grow up and even how I comte to this world and to say sorry for all my fault. So,
  • Dec 17 2011: I'm not sure whether I would go to a modern historical event or not, as many of these can be seen in footage (although obviously it's not the same), whereas we can't be certain of things going on in events further back.
    As a more recent event I think I would witness the fall of the Berlin Wall or Russian Revolutions in 1917 (not because of personal political alignment).
    Further back I think something in ancient Greece or Rome, or maybe the building of Stonehenge.
  • Dec 17 2011: Well... I would say the Sermon on the Mount, because I'm partial to Jesus :-), however in modern-ish history I would say any speech from Thomas Jefferson.

    This isn't necessarily an historical event however meeting C. S. Lewis would be amazing!
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      Dec 17 2011: Hi Jacob,

      Mr Jefferson rarely spoke in public. He was very bad at it (by his own admission.) He was an EXCELLENT writer which is why he was asked to draft the Declaration of Independence.

      Abraham Lincoln is considered by some to be the greatest American orator.

      Other great orators include Clarence Darrow, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hitler, Dr Martin Luther King, and even Ronald Reagan.

      Cicero, is of course, legendary.
      • Dec 17 2011: I know, however Mr. Jefferson's ideals are some of the most influential to me, and I'm sure despite his inhibitions he managed to have at least one truly amazing speech.
    • Dec 17 2011: I hope you are familiar with Hebrew!
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        Dec 17 2011: QUOTE: "I hope you are familiar with Hebrew!"

      • Dec 17 2011: I also believe it would have been in Aramaic, and since it is fantasy to imagine we could go back I time, I figured why not imagine I could understand the language also :-)
        • Dec 17 2011: Thank you! I laugh at myself!
    • Dec 17 2011: Concerning Thomas Jefferson; "Throughout his presidency, he gave only two speeches -- one speech per term, and both were at his inaugurations."

      And since he was apparently such a poor orator, I imagine reading these address may be better. Here is a website that has all of the Inaugural addresses attached. Enjoy.
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    Dec 17 2011: Before the Big Bang.
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    Dec 17 2011: Witnessing my biggest dream come true would be most spectacular experience.
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    Dec 16 2011: The born of filosofy in the schools of Aristoteles and others.

    Being accompanied by mentors questioning the primordial questions in a healthy environment.
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    Dec 16 2011: I would love to be right next to Eddie Van Halen when he first picked up a guitar!
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    Dec 16 2011: When the apple hit Newton! Would be really nice to check that! Actually, every moment of a big invention or a birth of an idea would do, not just Newton's case with the apple...

    Also, I would like to watch the faces of people in ancient times when there was a solar eclipse. They must have gone wtf??? :)
  • Dec 16 2011: Aside from the Birth of my future Children and there marriage, There are two seemingly mundane event's I would like to see that have significance to me. The first is to see the future some 80 years from now.

    The reason why, well it's to see if the idea's for City 2.0 and my own innovation have made a difference to the Future. I hope by then most people will own a Kettle I have designed to be both more comfortable to use and ecological. But more I want to see weather the Climate has changed and has started to reduce to a level in line with the 1980's concentration of CO2 & CHO4. It takes at least 50 years for CO2 produced today to naturally be absorbed by Biosphere 1 and so 80 years should show a significant decline in your production.

    The other event is a bit of a weird one. It's possibly one of the key moments in our evolution and whilst it seems quite mundane, It allows me to be here today writing this and offering a vision for City 2.0. It would be the day Beer was first invented, eons ago in the plains of Africa. It heralded the growth spurt that changed our species instead of hunter gatherers solely to agricultural tribes, who would come on to leave this planet and traverse space to the moon that circles this very earth. It seems mundane, but I for nearly two decades I have always wondered what it was like to find this nutritious low alcoholic drink for the first time and change direction because of it.
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    Dec 16 2011: The fall of the iron curtain in Berlin.

    Ah, and Armstrong on the moon. (thus I would have to be there too, so cool!!!)
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    Dec 16 2011: During British rule 1757-1947 there was one man Bhagat Singh , he was hang by the English government during 1921 agitation , I want to work with that man. He is real hero of India and Me.
  • Dec 16 2011: I would like to witness the Library of Alexandria in flames.

    I'm not sure why that was the first thing to pop into my mind. Perhaps it is because it is in favorite era or because that was such a devastating loss to knowledge. And the point to witness a historical event is to not change anything. So if I am not allowed to ever know what all is inside the library, then I would at least appreciate a good bonfire.
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      Dec 16 2011: haha.. This is very interesting.
      insightful, I might add. Thanks Bray.
    • Dec 16 2011: That was also the first thing that I thought of, although I would place my self there several days earlier and I would have a xerox machine with me.