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Humanism should be the only religion.

In a world already divided into cults, sects, countries, nationalities and culture, we should practice only one religion; Humanism. The only truth should be love of humanity with mutual respect and concern.


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  • Dec 17 2011: True Christianity advocates loving everyone with mutual respect and concern. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Therefore I disagree, it is people's fault that they do not practice their religion in the way it is meant to be practiced. I would say that, with my limited knowledge of other religions, even other religions practiced in the way they were intended would cause people to have mutual respect and concern as you say. No person can follow everything perfectly, so even having one religion not everyone (in fact very few) would truly follow the ideas.
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      Dec 17 2011: HInduism is a way of life. Islam and Christianity are dogmatic. However all are prescriptive. They demand compliance and rituals. Prescriptions prelude sickness or disease. But human beings were born free. Free of sickness or disease, therefore do not need a prescription of a religion.

      About 40000 years ago, man discovered God. Around the same time he discovered greed and insecurity. The maths is clear thereafter.

      In years that followed, people manipulated vulnerability. The final outcome is a religion and a whole lot of insecure people.
      • Dec 17 2011: The path to following Christianity is not a strict dogma. The basic tenets of Christianity are simple. A) Jesus Christ dies for your sins and came back to life. B) He is the Lord. C) Love God, and love your neighbors as yourself. All other "rituals" fall by the wayside, and are often the same kinds of rules that Jesus denounced as hypocritical and proud. You cannot say man was born free of sickness and disease because infants are often extremely sick, and according to what I've heard (so correct me if I'm wrong) the earliest stages of life are supposed to mimic the "evolutionary" process.

        Furthermore, where is it documented that greed and insecurity came at the same time as religion? How do you know that the Neanderthals or earlier supposed human precursors did not steal from others out of greed, or act tougher because of insecurities?

        Hinduism is a religion, as there are gods that must be obeyed, or consequences will result. The purest form of christianity says solely to love the creator and love others. Tell me which is truly more dogmatic?

        Fair warning: I am still in high school and therefore may be wrong in a couple of facts. Forgive me if I am mistaken.
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          Dec 18 2011: The last christian died on the cross like the last Hindu in Krishna. Like Christainity, Hinduism has become a forced religion due to the misrepresentations across the ages. No hindu tenet forces rituals.

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