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Humanism should be the only religion.

In a world already divided into cults, sects, countries, nationalities and culture, we should practice only one religion; Humanism. The only truth should be love of humanity with mutual respect and concern.


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    Dec 17 2011: Mr. Banerjee,
    Do you advocate the categorical replacement of all religions with Secular Humanism which rejects the idea of, and the need for, dogma? Or would you permit doctrinal variety within the framework of a Humanist Manifesto?
    Is the goal to eliminate polarization just in matters of religion, or also in social and political matters?
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      Dec 17 2011: I believe, religions should be categorical replaced with freedom. Free to think and act on will. Mankind cannot be led by narrow political ideologies under the garb of religion.
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        Dec 17 2011: You say "freedom". Is that a synonym for what your original question refers to as "Humanism"?
        So, to repeat, you do advocate the worldwide obsolescence of dogma and religious doctrine?

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