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Humanism should be the only religion.

In a world already divided into cults, sects, countries, nationalities and culture, we should practice only one religion; Humanism. The only truth should be love of humanity with mutual respect and concern.


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    Dec 16 2011: If we truly want this beautiful planet to be beautiful in the future, we need to be able to let go of the things/feelings/emotions/believes that don't 'serve' us anymore, to be able to move on as one! To let the planet flourish in all his glory, which btw is a powerful context for human beings as well. Now it's time to leave the era of tolerance behind us, and to move forwards to the era of appreciation. To appreciate all that is!
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      Dec 16 2011: Hello Joeban, Imagine.... We share a vision, our actions are affecting this life, already.

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