Tibor V. Varga

PhD student, Lund University

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What is happiness for you?

The question doesn't really any further explanations. What makes you happy? What is happiness? Is there an absolute happiness? How can we reach it?

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    Dec 30 2011: A brush and some big, bright paint tubes.
    Nature and lots of natural light.
    A long hug.
    A silent message across the room.
    A long horse back ride.
    A dog.
    A shower.
    A prayer answered.
    Walking barefoot.
    "Dancin' in the kitchen tilll the mornin light"
    The wind on my face.
    A good book.
    The joy of playing this game with all I've got, regardless of the final score.
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    Dec 29 2011: I have defined happiness universally as doing whatever you want whenever you want.

    That conflicts with the fact of having biological necessities and with the happiness of other human beings, so, finally, it is a question of balance.
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    Dec 20 2011: I'll return to this question when I find the answer. Many times I thought I not only knew, but i believed I owned it. fate has proven the wiser each time, leaving me searching again. My happiness must be something durable in the future. Something that will never leave me. Now, I am spending my time looking within...

    I hope one day I return to this place with an answer.
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      Dec 20 2011: Or maybe happiness is simply just the searching part!
      Like a purpose for my PhD studies is not the degree at the end, but the way, the path, the work I've done.
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        Dec 20 2011: Hello Tibor, You have a valid point and I believe you, I really do! I don't mean to sound defeated, it is just so darn hard after growing up in a society that coninually feeds deceitful messages to their to their young. "You be good all year and
        santa will make you happy.", "Get your diploma and you will go to college and be happy." , "Get your degree and you will get a good job and be happy." "Work hard then you can retire and be happy." "Just know Jesus then you can go to heaven...and be happy."

        From the cradle til the casket, it has been complete programming of "It's the destination, not the journey..." Now halfway through the journey I am trying to deprogram and enjoy the ride but I keep catching myself looking ahead and not to the present.
        good question, Tibor. I'm trying. Sometimes i don't know how. I am guilty. But I won't give in. Thanks.
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        Dec 28 2011: I agree with you Tibor,
        "Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination"
        (Roy M. Goodman)

        For me, happiness is an underlying feeling of contentment, created with the knowledge that I have the courage and strength to face life challenges, and hopefully help change our world for the better.

        The good thing is, that you seem to know that society fed you certain messages. The first step toward change, is awareness, so it appears that you are on your way to change, and hopefully, you still have time before "the casket" to put your discoveries into practice:>) With every little discovery, I celebrate, and know there will be another step just around the corner, until I take my last breath:>)
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    Dec 16 2011: Happiness means to me being happy. The sensation of a smile, the experience of anything is possible. Is there a absolute happiness? O absolute, you just need to declare it. No one can tell you when you are happy. It's already a part of you. You don't have to do something to reach it, you just have to be it. And it starts by a declaration... Just give it a try.... ;-) ... and be happy!
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    Dec 16 2011: Happiness could be defined as the state of mind that brains are wired to try to reach and maintain.
    Everything going on with the rest of the body is a result of this task.