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Can we abolish nationalism and live in a globalized society?

The holocaust is an integral part of education in Israel. And for years Israeli students are attending programs and are going to Poland to learn and go through an emotional process, which usually ends in an educational message. Some messages are Zionist, some talk about democracy and humanity; others grow nationalization in students and encourage them to join the army.

A lot of years have passed since the holocaust and it seems people are starting to forget around the world. The world turns more and more extreme and nationalism grows like a disease. I never truly understood why Palestinians and Jews cant live in the same land [and no, I do not discount this conflict like many people in the world do].

And I assume most of you here are global minded humanists, but don’t think racism and hatred is only among us silly Middle Eastrens, your cultures and you and I personally tend to generalize groups with out even noticing.
That’s thought led me to a kind of depression. All my family died in the holocaust for what? For the countries to continue hating one another?
I know this banal statement directly leads you to think im some kind of a weirdo not practical hippi, and believe me; im not.

But I would like you to the following question in a creative and original way [“this is human nature and we cant do nothing about it” is not an answer].

Can the world live with out extreme nationalization, with out borders, with out hatred between different groups? Can the world be fully globalized?


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  • Jan 14 2012: i agree(with rhona)- "life can be a positive experience for everyone" establishing this planet and its resources as "the common heritage of every person on earth"(jacque fresco). would be a step in the right direction. everyone deserves the necessities in order to survive. eliminate the monetary system and start a resource based economy. the "keeping up with the jones" mentality will disappear and automatically you eliminate a large portion of crime. human nature is not real. babies are not born with hate in their heart. it is learned behavior and we can fix that. but not until everyone erverywhere come to the realization that we ALL are human and we ALL have basic needs that need to be met to survive and therefore we are ALL created equal on the most basic level.

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