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How do Corporate Rebels challenge conventional business practices?

We are planning a TEDxOslo event in sept 2012 with the theme "Corporate Rebels". We will explore how "Corporate Rebels" challenge conventional business practices, and through this delivers massive value to the employees, the community, society at large and the bottom-line.

Would love to hear from the TED community and learn from your experience, examples of Corporate Rebels and their work and possibly good ideas for speakers on this subject.



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    Dec 18 2011: I recently completed a study about corporate rebels that has some interesting insights about what motivates rebels, the value they provide to organizations. You can download here. http://www.slideshare.net/Foghound/corporate-rebel-ebook.

    Also recently launched at site by and for corporate rebels: www.rebelsatwork.com. You'll find some interesting stories, articles/research/videos about rebels and heretics. I'd love to share my rebel story at your TEDxOslo! Lois
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      Dec 18 2011: Very interesting findings Lois, thank you for sharing!

      I might be derailing from the main topic, but i would be interested to learn, based on findings like yours on corporate rebels, where is it that the term rebel starts to acquire a bad connotation as we depart from the corporate into a wider social environment. Have you heard or read of somebody looking at that aspect?

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      Dec 18 2011: Can I ask where your stats came from? If you collected them yourself, what country where they collected in and was there a certain company profile you used when surveying? I enjoyed your presentation!
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        Dec 19 2011: Marsella: The survey was approximately 90% US, 10% Western Europe. I would be fascinated to see how the responses differ in Asian countries....

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