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Why aren't kids (+ young adults) given more credit?

Young people are full of ideas, plain and simple. I feel like many times someone with a great idea is cast aside because of their age, they just get pushed into this category of "child" with the stereotype that they're unknowledgeable and naive. Sometimes we need a little of that childlike belief that our problems CAN be solved. At the very least it makes the world seem a bit brighter.

So what can a young person do to have their ideas or solutions to problems taken more seriously?

What are some ways they could get creative?


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    Dec 19 2011: Kids + young adults often hit too close to home - we're honest. Some people might label a child's point of view as being naive or even stupid, but I think it's the closest thing to truth that's often presented in any given situation. In order for younger generations to be taken more seriously, people need to be more receptive and willing to hear the truth, even if it leads to a negative perception of themselves or the situation at hand. And no, kids aren't necessarily out solving world hunger or curing terrible diseases yet, but they need to be taken seriously so they can learn and grow and become the next generation of problem solvers. You can't instantly change the world or even create a huge impact on a massive group of people when you're underage, but if you can help your mom or a sibling or a friend overcome something, you develop important skills that can be applied to bigger and better ideas in the future.

    Bottom line, kids need to remain honest. It's the adult world that needs to be more receptive and develop a higher tolerance for honest voices.

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