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Why aren't kids (+ young adults) given more credit?

Young people are full of ideas, plain and simple. I feel like many times someone with a great idea is cast aside because of their age, they just get pushed into this category of "child" with the stereotype that they're unknowledgeable and naive. Sometimes we need a little of that childlike belief that our problems CAN be solved. At the very least it makes the world seem a bit brighter.

So what can a young person do to have their ideas or solutions to problems taken more seriously?

What are some ways they could get creative?


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    Dec 18 2011: Could it be that young people's ideas are relatively free from the influences and restrictions of history, and are therefore more creative?

    We say that adults are older and wiser, presumably because wise ideas are strengthened by experience - but again, experience is rooted in history.

    If ideas are to have credence, they are nearly always based on the wisdom of evidence brought about by theoretical knowledge and adult experience - which we regard as necessary to arrive at 'certainty'.

    My argument is that such certainty has a tendency to stagnate and restrict ideas, allowing little freedom to move about within pioneering and creative territory.

    I think there is less tendency for young people to allow themselves to be influenced by such restrictions, and very often what appears to wise adults as 'naivety' is actually an unrestricted, creative mind at work. What comes out of that thought process may often be wrong or even odd, but it is well worth going through several wrongs to arrive at a 'genius' right.

    Young people are good at this. They should be listened to a lot more.
    • Dec 18 2011: I completely agree with your first point Allan. For example, if you look at talent shows on television such as "America's Got Talent", there are so many kids who are able to go up on stage with no nerves and give it all they have. This is due to the lack of influences, restrictions, worries, stresses, experiences of rejection, etc. Kids are able to share any idea they have because they have not built up the horrible filter of fear that most people do when they grow old. People tend to reject ideas before even analyzing them fully because they label it to be "impossible", "silly", "naive", "crazy", etc. Those tend to be the best ideas!

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