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Why aren't kids (+ young adults) given more credit?

Young people are full of ideas, plain and simple. I feel like many times someone with a great idea is cast aside because of their age, they just get pushed into this category of "child" with the stereotype that they're unknowledgeable and naive. Sometimes we need a little of that childlike belief that our problems CAN be solved. At the very least it makes the world seem a bit brighter.

So what can a young person do to have their ideas or solutions to problems taken more seriously?

What are some ways they could get creative?


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  • Dec 16 2011: As a 16 years old teenager, i strongly agree with this statement.
    People never took me seriously until last summer, when we had the big protest movement begining. I started attending hyde parks, debates and conversations. The Israeli mentality towards kids and teenagers changed a lot since last summer, i hope a similar thing is going on from the OWS movement.

    My moto about teenagers is: "enough old to understand and enough young to change".

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