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We know the US commits gross human rights violations, yet people tend to overlook and consider it to be 'guardian of human dignity' why?

American influence on world affairs needs no explanation. Here I want to draw attention of the community that in the garb of a 'savior' the US actually committed massive human rights violations be it Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Mexico. Although, each nation has a right to protect its national interests but not at the cost and pain of others. Americans and their media usually blame Saddam Hussein and Taliban as killers. But statistically if we look, the US has single-handedly inflicted more pain, death and sufferings than all the murderers put together.
People should be aware of the America's hyperbolic negatively oriented interference in the world politics that seeks to destroy the very fabric of stability and global progression towards polity and humility.


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    Dec 16 2011: Dean, thanks for taking time out and sharing your thoughts. I am pleased to see your candid views about what you observe, see, feel, sense and think everyday. All human beings are born equal and so they should have the equal opportunities and level playing field. Each one of us should have the freedom to choose what he or she thinks is the best for his/her personally and then for a society or a an organization that he/she belongs to. On the larger context, globally, if we analyse, the US is blessed with almost anything that one nation could wish for. This is power. The power should have been used for the good of all human beings. Those who suffer famine, hunger, and unspeakable poverty should have been helped. But like you mention, the capitalist mindset driven by corporate greed, wrapped in 'national interests' is something that pollutes all will to be good for the whole world.
    • Dec 17 2011: I agree. USA had great potenital become a wonderful society an leading the world to a better place. Its important to remember that other alternatives are worse than the US (Nazi Germany, USSR, China or Russia today). But still, unlike these countries the US ideals are humanitarian and wonderful.

      But the truth is, although many people in the world would die to live in the US, i lived their for one year and saw a lonley, punctured and full of hatred society. Where there is no brotherhood but only competitaion, and where teenagers are not intrested in anything but themselvs. Of course i cant generelaize, because the US is so huge and full of different mentalities...

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