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We know the US commits gross human rights violations, yet people tend to overlook and consider it to be 'guardian of human dignity' why?

American influence on world affairs needs no explanation. Here I want to draw attention of the community that in the garb of a 'savior' the US actually committed massive human rights violations be it Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Mexico. Although, each nation has a right to protect its national interests but not at the cost and pain of others. Americans and their media usually blame Saddam Hussein and Taliban as killers. But statistically if we look, the US has single-handedly inflicted more pain, death and sufferings than all the murderers put together.
People should be aware of the America's hyperbolic negatively oriented interference in the world politics that seeks to destroy the very fabric of stability and global progression towards polity and humility.

  • Dec 17 2011: Hi Sohail

    Because of extreme, long-term brainwashing.
    They only are guardians of their secrecy. Oh, the U.S. doesn't engage in torture! OR,
    it's not really torture if you don't intend on hurting the person!

    Otherwise, they take, steal and have been engaged in resources war-fare for a long time.
    Americans worship lies. They can't seem to get away from them and when pressed, react
    with arrogance, defiance, irritation, anger, disgust and are ready to fight for their lies.

    Politicians aren't elected if they tell the truth. They aren't fired if it is discovered they lie.
    They lie so much, it must be true.

    People are fired for telling the truth. They are told they should not have spoken. Then they are forced
    to somehow "take it back", or publicly say they were wrong, which has a double message.
    One, they were wrong to say it and...
    Two, what they said was completely false!!!
    They are chastised for appearing to not be a team player, they are bombarded from a media that espouses
    authority as the truth rather than truth as the authority, and it is all brainwashing.

    Those who are coming awake in such actions like OCCUPY (put your org here) are condemned by the same
    bought-and-sold media as opportunistic hooligans (such as in England), trouble makers, or outright traitors
    to what????? why none other than THE AMERICAN WAY OF LI...E!

    The letter 'f' in life stands for FALSE, and that leaves the word, L..I..E That's what they beLIEve in.
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    Jan 16 2012: Sohail Azmie:
    I don't know where you get your "facts," because you cite neither sources nor statistics. You only make a claim without any support. Where did you get that "the US has single-handedly inflicted more pain, death and sufferings than all the murderers put together." That's complete nonsense. In Iraq, for example, even though many died during the US invasion and occupation (which I opposed), the truth is that many more civilians were killed each year by Saddam, and would have continued to be killed. If you're going to use the word "statistically," you have an obligation to show us the statistics.

    Your "massive human rights violations" in Guantanamo Bay, for example, turn out to have been quite trivial. The prisoners were perhaps treated better that they would have been in a Pakistani jail. One major difference is that the US press exposes abuses in the US and sends the stories around the world for everyone to read. I haven't read much about Pakistani jails in the world press. Do you think there might be "massive human rights violations" there?

    There were certainly "massive human rights violations" by Al Qaeda, which specializes in intentionally bombing innocent civilians and was headquartered in Pakistan, evidently protected by Pakistan's Intelligence Service while the Pakistani government was falsely assuring the world that they were doing all they could to fight Al Qaeda. And the Taliban, which enjoys the support of many Pakistani but is making life a hell in Afghanistan, operates with impunity from your lawless western provinces while Pakistan looks the other way. Does your country accept any responsibility for this?
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    Dec 16 2011: Dean, thanks for taking time out and sharing your thoughts. I am pleased to see your candid views about what you observe, see, feel, sense and think everyday. All human beings are born equal and so they should have the equal opportunities and level playing field. Each one of us should have the freedom to choose what he or she thinks is the best for his/her personally and then for a society or a an organization that he/she belongs to. On the larger context, globally, if we analyse, the US is blessed with almost anything that one nation could wish for. This is power. The power should have been used for the good of all human beings. Those who suffer famine, hunger, and unspeakable poverty should have been helped. But like you mention, the capitalist mindset driven by corporate greed, wrapped in 'national interests' is something that pollutes all will to be good for the whole world.
    • Dec 17 2011: I agree. USA had great potenital become a wonderful society an leading the world to a better place. Its important to remember that other alternatives are worse than the US (Nazi Germany, USSR, China or Russia today). But still, unlike these countries the US ideals are humanitarian and wonderful.

      But the truth is, although many people in the world would die to live in the US, i lived their for one year and saw a lonley, punctured and full of hatred society. Where there is no brotherhood but only competitaion, and where teenagers are not intrested in anything but themselvs. Of course i cant generelaize, because the US is so huge and full of different mentalities...
  • Dec 16 2011: Hey Sohail. I totally understand what your saying. I as well as you feel like many countries in the world are hyppocryt. Many Europeans and Americans condemm Israel for what Israel is doing in Gaza, but in think NATO is no better.
    Still, i dont want to compare Israel, US and Europe to Saddam Hussien, Hammas or Taliban because the west at list cares about their peoples human rights, while these terrorist groups and dictators dont even care about their own people, but this is not the topic here.
    I agree with you fully and think the humanitarian west is hyppocrit. How when workers in the US have no rights its known all over the media but when workers in China or Africa have no rights its called "cheap workforce". Both your milatary human rights violation and my economic violation are from the same reasons. The Capitalist mentality of the US.
    In my personal opinion, ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE EQUAL and should have the same universal rights.
    What do you think about that?
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    Dec 16 2011: Greetings Sohail, these events have been going on since this nation was founded, beginning with the native americans, followed by one invasion or another, totalling over thirty different countries up til this present date. The world leaders commit these crimes against humanity because of their disease to possess. It is obvious to those who endeavor to find truth that it is imperialistic conquest, modern colonialism. The population is reacting in fear, the majority have been programmed to fear. It is how they vote, how they raise their children and largely the reason for their prayers, and it is why they remain mute when in their hearts they know something is not right. Forgive me for assuming I know another's heart. This is only based on personal obsevation and my desire to know truth, however ugly it might be.many of them have no idea that there are news sources reporting the truth about this country's actions, many feel they would betray the country if they should question the reality. Well, I could go on and on. I am afraid this will only enrage the fear in their hearts and I do not want to create hate and discontent within the community, but you asked and I wanted you to know some of us do not support what has happened in this world. It may not mean much, but I feel better about myself when I recognise what is going on, when I offer a listening and compassionate heart to people who may have been hurt, or are seeking answers. If it gives you strength, know you are not alone.For many people, to admit what is happening would mean they have to do something very unfavorable, against the wishes of their friends and family. It is easier to act like they don't know the truth, act like governments don't lie, act like they believe the story they are being told. They can't be responsible if they didn't know, can they? After all, we are spreading democracy.... right? We are liberating people, building nations...right? Forgive my acquiescence....
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    Jan 14 2012: I an American Citizen who has spent a life time inside the boundaries of the USA with the exception of trip the Quebec 30 years ago, can tell you that there is a large a growing awareness of the hypocrisy and untenability of our position as leader of the free world.

    I urge you to please look into certain startlingly overlooked facts that all Americans should by now of been made aware of by or representatives and our media.

    The Bush administration broke United states federal law (usc 18 2441) and ignored the constitutions clear statement that unless ratification is removed a inter nation treaty upon ratification become the supreme law of the land, superior to even the presidents powers as commander in chief.

    Please do not allow the blind patriotic knee jerk responses of the my country right or wrong crowd

    to deafen you to the
    my country
    I'll make it right
    because that's the duty that was left to my by the forefathers....
    my country even when wrong....
    but never the wrong is right just because my county did it.
  • Dec 18 2011: I do not agree with the idea that US is causing the most death and suffering in the world. Dictators and groups of fanatics like Taliban do.

    I agree that some corrupt US governments started unjustified wars like one in Iraq. American people need to ensure this will not happen again.

    However we need to recognize that US helped many people and nations in the last century including helping Muslims to gain freedom in Kosovo, Libya, Kuwait and Afghanistan. US also liberated Europe and Asia in World War 2. They helped South Korea and Taiwan in their fight against communists.

    I do agree that US sometimes use their power to go after resources and other interests. They sometimes supported dictators or took down democratic government (like in Iran). Again this needs to stop as it damages reputation of United States and it creates anger around the world.

    However the real killers in Afghanistan (and Pakistan) are fanatics like Taliban. Taliban wants to control population and caused suffering of millions of women. They killed many of their own people with bombs attacks when targeting Afghan military and police.
    We need to make Taliban and similar groups thing of the past.
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      Dec 20 2011: Thanks Mr. Smith for taking time out and writing something on the conversation. I deeply respect your point of view about the US and how it helped liberate Muslims in various countries like you mentioned. But again we need to see a bit neutrally and closely how and why? Taking for example Afghanistan, the US DID come to stop the Russians. Once the Russians went, the US packed their bags and went back too . . . thinking that was a sufficient investment to ENSURE the American national interests. Who created Taliban? The world doesn't need a rocket-science to know that it was the American idea of fighting the Russians and then left these self sustaining killing machines wander in the wild clueless, objectiveless, jobless and directionless. Yes, they DID liberate Iraq - but at what cost and on what grounds: simple bluff and lies! Now a common Iraqi only suffers the massive corruption and survives another day at the huge divide of Sunni-Shiite that US HAD created . . . why? To preserve its national interests. I leave the rest of "liberated" countries for some other time. The bottom line of this conversation is that the US mutilated the global order in the name of its selfish interests that in many parts of the world still rot !!!!
      • Dec 20 2011: Thank you for sharing your view. I am trying to bring to light certain facts as I feel that this conversation seems to simplify the reality and role of US in various parts of the world.

        Yes in Afghanistan US did come to stop the Russians. I believe that their intervention was helpful both to the Afghan people AND to the US at the same time (they were even helping Bin Laden). I am sure majority of Afghan people did not want to have Russians around. So I see benefits to both Afghans and US and do not see a problem with their help?

        Now you seem to complain about US leaving Afghans after their intervention while at the same time you might or other do complain when US keeps its troops in Iraq? One cannot have both.

        Now while US did many unjustifiable things like start war in Iraq because of oil or other interests, on other hand they spent billions of dollars to try to maintain peace and stop proliferation of weapons around the world. They came to Afghanistan with justifiable cause and they helped and are helping Afghan society.

        I am not sure who created Taliban but we know that both certain part of Pakistan government and people like Bin Laden supported them.

        Now Afghan and Iraqi people need to stop blaming US for all their trouble and focus on making their country prosper by themselves. They need to stop violence that was always there (just suppressed under Saddam or Taliban).

        So again I do condemn war in Iraq and I think US is sometimes guilty of intervention in other state affairs. However US does preserve peace for high cost that no one else wants to carry except other NATO states (like helping Muslims in Libya and elsewhere).

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          Dec 20 2011: Thanks Mr. Smith for presenting your views that reflect your clarity of thought.
          Wish you the best :)
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    Dec 16 2011: Dear Tim, it was pleasure reading your feelings. So true and pure. I could only wish if each one of us could feel the way you do and extract the real meaning out of convolution of facts and lies. Thanks mate :)