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We know the US commits gross human rights violations, yet people tend to overlook and consider it to be 'guardian of human dignity' why?

American influence on world affairs needs no explanation. Here I want to draw attention of the community that in the garb of a 'savior' the US actually committed massive human rights violations be it Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa and Mexico. Although, each nation has a right to protect its national interests but not at the cost and pain of others. Americans and their media usually blame Saddam Hussein and Taliban as killers. But statistically if we look, the US has single-handedly inflicted more pain, death and sufferings than all the murderers put together.
People should be aware of the America's hyperbolic negatively oriented interference in the world politics that seeks to destroy the very fabric of stability and global progression towards polity and humility.


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  • Dec 16 2011: Hey Sohail. I totally understand what your saying. I as well as you feel like many countries in the world are hyppocryt. Many Europeans and Americans condemm Israel for what Israel is doing in Gaza, but in think NATO is no better.
    Still, i dont want to compare Israel, US and Europe to Saddam Hussien, Hammas or Taliban because the west at list cares about their peoples human rights, while these terrorist groups and dictators dont even care about their own people, but this is not the topic here.
    I agree with you fully and think the humanitarian west is hyppocrit. How when workers in the US have no rights its known all over the media but when workers in China or Africa have no rights its called "cheap workforce". Both your milatary human rights violation and my economic violation are from the same reasons. The Capitalist mentality of the US.
    In my personal opinion, ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD ARE EQUAL and should have the same universal rights.
    What do you think about that?

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