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what is time?

i think Time is just a creation of humans in our attempt to bring order to our world. so is time an idea, some thing tangible, or something you can travel through???


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Thank you for all the comments. So I pretty much reached the conclusion that time has an incredible variety of definitions, none of which are adequately explained using the english language as Frans Kellner said, because you cannot define a word using the word or factors of it. For example, you can't say time is the past or present, because that doesn't say what time is, rather a form of time. sort of like saying a peanut is a type of nut. doesn't really give us a better understanding of a peanut. Also, time is heavily reliant on human perception. I'm not here to play god and tell people what time is. I still don't know. However, I stand by my BELIEF (not truth) that time is the perception of the order of events that take place in our lives. It is an idea, not tangible in any way. You can travel back in time through memories, but the past cannot be changed because it is a perception. The idea of time is our way of trying to bring order to the chaotic world around us. If you would like to continue this discussion with me, you can e-mail me and i will gladly reply to your opinions, I'm very open minded. Just put "time discussion" as the subject header and leave your name at the bottom.

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    Dec 16 2011: Your last statement makes me think that you define time as 'man's comprehension of the passage of our perception of experience'. Time is a result of one trying to make the chaotic world around them into cogent data. However when you say other organisms do not run on 'time' it is not so much that as the fact that time is a term used to increase understanding and therefore time seeks to understand the organisms not the other way around. Therefore they are not at the mercy of time and thus do not 'run' on time. I find the conclusion that 'time' does not exist is a little blase though. To go back to your titular question time is not a substance, therefore it is not tangible and it is not something we can engage with (or travel through). At best we can travel through the experiences, as the experiences are the data through which the idea of time becomes logical. Time is simply a means of putting rationality into a near inexplicable concept. To claim that time does not truly exist, not only opens this discussion up to definitions of truth and proof but also to what determines existence. Given that we have separated the word 'time' from what it represents for humans when you say 'time' does not truly exist do you mean mankind's attempt to grasp it does not really exist or that the passage of existence is fallacy as well?

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