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A Week of your life in 2012, seven days to write your ideas, inspirations, goals while been part of a 3000 miles Journey... Interested?

Fear and Insecurity is what the irresponsable goverments are delivering each day, letting great professionals fall into frustration.
This project targets all talented people who belive in Big Ideas, Inspiring others by sharing their passions while taking part of a extraordinary Journey across Europe on horseback from nutricionists, photographers,poets,artist,navigation experts, CEO´s, antrophologist,film makers, 3000 miles unlimited oportunities to get inspired and get motivated ,
A week outside your comfort zone,exposed to the elements in another culture and country with one goal, Grow, bringing back home new Ideas,friends A brand new start.

  • Dec 16 2011: I would probably try to record this experience itself in the form of a book. The whole idea has staggering potential . Think about the characters and the adventure and everything else that is awesome and inspiring! It would be a pilgrimage to stimulate our spirits and unsheathe the greatest parts of our souls that are left latent in a modern world. Showing ourselves for better or worse across the face of Mother Earth. Each person is unique but our goal would be common. It is the road of the journey that is the true story, not the finish line!
  • Dec 16 2011: If you were recruiting people for your Canterbury Tale I would sign up today! Forty hours per week in the office is too much. I am dumfounded by how people have to work their lives away and never see the wonders that the world offers.
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      Dec 16 2011: Bray what is or what would be the subject you will like to develop ? ..there is many people who lost their work places, fantastic minds going into a black hole.
      This project will be something to make Chaucer very proud Indeed.