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How to use doodling at work? How does it improve creativity?

On March 1st, 2011 (TED2011) Sunni Brown did a talk on Doodling. Let's discuss how to use it at work and to improve creativty.


Closing Statement from Alexandre Marcondes

There was many commenters that did not see this presentation live, thus I start a new conversation on this topic when the talk becomes available.

Many understand that the term doodling has many prejudices but that artists and creative thinkers use it as a tool to express quickly what are their ideas.

Take a look on http://www.frankchimero.com/idea/ to have a better idea on what doodling can do.

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    Mar 4 2011: I haven't seen the talk (yet) but I will share that I have been a doodler all of my life so I somehow thought everyone did it.

    One day when I was in a client solution kick-off meeting, my creative director spent the entire meeting doodling. Near the end of the meeting he had drawn an incredible picture of our client's key customer. When he saw me staring at it he was defensive and said something along the lines of doodling helped him to think and he WAS listening. It took me a minute to explain I wasn't staring because I felt his behaviour was inappropriate. I was staring because I just realized no one in the room had spent one second thinking about our client's customer. They'd only been talking about satisfying our client. I stopped everyone from leaving, stuck a pencil in everyone's hand and started the meeting over again. Twenty minutes later we'd recreated ourselves, our solution and to date, it remains one of the most profitable programs I've ever put in place.

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