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If you could go three places on the earth, without any limits, where would you go?And who would you like to take with?

I will chose the following places: 1.MY home 2.Paris 3.somewhere in UK's country.

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  • Dec 16 2011: Wow I can imagine that is difficult. Even more so because nostalgia only has a single cure. How long has it been since you visited?
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      Dec 17 2011: I just learn how to use 《reply》...........i left my home when i went to the university, then i got a work in Beijing. i come home only at the Sprint Festival.
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    Dec 16 2011: never mind.I just came to the TED two days ago. and we all new to the TED conversation. i got skype ID: julius06117. However because of the internet control policy appied by China Goverment, it may not work well.
  • Dec 16 2011: I did not mean to delete both of my comments! I apologize, I am new to TED conversations. How long have you been away? Do you have Skype? That could help since it would allow you to see them.
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    Dec 16 2011: i have been away from home for a long time, i miss my parents so much.
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    Dec 16 2011: Great idea! your brothers will be very sad when you leave them though ~_~ why travle alone to Paris?
  • Dec 16 2011: I would like to travel to Papua, New Guinna with my two brothers. Then leave my brothers (they know the way home) and take two Aborigines to Tokyo. To end, I would ditch the Aborigines (even though they were totally awesome and fun) and travel alone to Paris.