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How to create a wireless electric network

Good day, audience, my name is assam emmanuel i am an IT expert and have an idea which i think will be of great help. the idea is on how to create a wireless electric connection where physical connection of cable will not be used anymore.
this principle work in telecommunication devices, according to my research with a professor he said and i quote" This principle is possible the only challenge will have is that light only travel in a straight line why telecommunication is possible because wave in different form", but still possible, in construction of this great idea i believe there should be other medium in conveying electric without obstruction and that it should be In a lower current such in a DC, since today we have some mobile charger that electric signal passes through and no physical shock. this signal can then be transfered from one building to the other and for a high current there will be a step up transformer to generate number of choice of individual voltage pls add your idea this idea is realistic and possible.