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Is multi-tasking a myth? Can we, should we, do many things at once?

Do people really have more ability to do more things at once due to technological advancement? Or are we just accomplishing a longer list of mediocrity?

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    Dec 15 2011: i think it depands on the difficulty of things. you surely can read a book while eating something. maybe someday the tech can make things as easy as eating, the we can do many things at the same time.
  • Dec 16 2011: Interesting post.

    My stance:

    Multitasking is a myth in the sense that our conscious attention can only focus on one thing at a time. (I don't believe the common notion of the word multitasking involves things like walking and talking simultaneously so I will stick to tasks requiring concentration for my definition.) I think we can train our minds to be great at the appearance of multitasking (quickly shifting from task to task almost seamlessly, without much delay or interference from the previous task). But recent research shows that much time is lost switching from task to task (i.e. checking emails and studying) despite how good we may think we are at it.

    But I believe it's an important topic because it is a prevalent habit that leads to procrastination and wasted time; something I am definitely trying to be mindful of in this information age we find ourselves in.
  • Dec 15 2011: What is more effective a focused laser or a flood light? Exactly, it depends on the situation.
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    Dec 15 2011: Women do it better . They have a larger corpus callosum allowing them to make more connections. Men including myself are hopeless but we are capable of some things.
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      Dec 16 2011: You are so right. Multi-tasking is no myth. Ask any mother :)
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    Dec 15 2011: Well, i recently saw a program on TV that said that human may or may not be able to multitask depending upon the activities. Thus, if one is able to do all activities to the best of his/her abilities simultaneously, then yes....
    if not..then multitasking is useless...