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What are human rights? How do we decide and are they universal?

Are human rights the starting point we begin with when looking at how our societies function, or are there more important issues? How true is this statement; 'when people focus on being ethical without being pragmatic they end up being neither.'


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Thanks to everyone who participated in this conversation. Some excellent threads. All the best to you and your families for the new year 2012. Peace.

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    Dec 25 2011: every time i try to pick my point on this i keep finding a way to contradict my own thought, but ill try and make one any way. we have an individual right to try and maintain our own life. by observing nature and society it seems that co-existing in groups helps beings to do this. there are ever changing sub rights that are specifically determined by an extensive algorithm that has evolved with the developing brain over an individuals life. the right to take life might be true when all the variables show that the individuals life is going to be compromised. with in the same parameters the right to steal can be possible to sustain life but doing so the individual accepts that the other then has obtained a right to kill. with out rambling on and on i think you can see what my point is (hopefully). The only concrete born right is the right to live, situations bring forth and take away non concrete rights. um on a lighter note i just saved a bunch of money by switching my car insurance to geico!

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