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Why not have a page for interested speakers from TED community to volunteer at any TEDxevent happening across the globe?

Organizing TEDx event is both challenging and rewarding. Finding speakers is at the core of the challenge while inspiring the audience to act on such transformative ideas is close to our ultimately goal. Why not volunteer to speak at any TEDx event to share your own 'Ideas Worth Spreading'?

Closing Statement from Jam Cipres

This is exactly what I mean to Joe Delsen for coming up with a brilliant idea (Who would you nominate among the TED community to give a talk worth spreading? In a virtual TED conference?) and for the TED community who are very much active in maintaining superb threads of thought in TED conversations. I am uttterly excited to see how it takes shape!!!

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    Mar 4 2011: I think that's happening everywhere (Most of TEDx events in Korea and else where)...I find many TED talks from local TEDx events...this is an organizer and speaker issue:)
    • Mar 4 2011: Thanks Anwar...what I actually meant was, I thought it's a great idea for TED to come up with a new page for anyone in TED community to post their ideas and availability to promote it at any TEDx event near them so they can be easily contacted by organizers, I just realized it would be very efficient and would bring out a sense of diversity..I really appreciate your comment..Do you have plans to visit Korea again? I hope you can be one of our speakers, your work is utterly inspiring^^