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If/when same-sex marriage is legalised, should ALL religious bodies be required by law to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies?

So, some people may know that here in Scotland there has been a public consultation on same-sex marriage (and it's looking extremely promising!). One of the questions in the consultation was as follows:

"Do you agree that religious bodies should not be required to conduct same-sex marriages or civil partnerships if it is against their wishes?"

So what are your thoughts? As an abstract idea, should religion be able to have its own say? In the context of Scotland, should religion have its own say? Bearing in mind that our government is supposed to be separate from church/religion. Why?


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    Dec 20 2011: The separation of church and state should be called into the equation. The problem is that everybody is thinking about the whole issue backwards. Same-sex marriage should be a non-issue because hetero marriages should be a church governed thing, not state. If the government were to step back and recognize only a civil union between two people, rather than the christian sacred marriage, then any persons could join into such a union with equal rights. But on the other side of the coin, the homosexual community also has to understand that they are not in a christian marriage. The government cannot and should not force a religion to participate in something that goes against the belief system that comprises that religion. Unless of course it actively infringes on the rights of others under that government's protection. A same sex couple demanding a religious organization to recognize a marriage is an infringement on that organization's rights to believe and practice freely. Also a religious leader should not have the ability to create a government recognized civil union. They should be separate. But as we all know, change like this is slow to becoming reality....
    • Dec 21 2011: Well said Zachary. Please look down at my arguments fo rthe same thing down below. Separation of church and state is at the very heart of this question. And the question is not "is gay marriage correct" but should the government "require" religios bodies to perform services. The answer is still no.

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