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If/when same-sex marriage is legalised, should ALL religious bodies be required by law to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies?

So, some people may know that here in Scotland there has been a public consultation on same-sex marriage (and it's looking extremely promising!). One of the questions in the consultation was as follows:

"Do you agree that religious bodies should not be required to conduct same-sex marriages or civil partnerships if it is against their wishes?"

So what are your thoughts? As an abstract idea, should religion be able to have its own say? In the context of Scotland, should religion have its own say? Bearing in mind that our government is supposed to be separate from church/religion. Why?


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  • Dec 18 2011: I think no one is saying that homosexuals don't have spirituality, or would want to be part of a religion. But let's face it: (for example) the Catholic Church only believes in men/woman marriages. That's the way it is.
    The only way to change this is to do it from the "inside" (not the "outside").
    The outside would be the State. The inside would be the Catholics. If you are a Catholic (I don't know), then you should try to change other Catholics minds.
    My advice: Don't waste time in that. Better start another religious group, where homosexuality is not frowned upon. You think you are entitled to marry in a Church because you believe in your God. Please don't forget that "their" God thinks homosexuals are sick. I don't think you believe in that God.
    Don't stop being religious, but don't force your opinions on other people's either.

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