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If/when same-sex marriage is legalised, should ALL religious bodies be required by law to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies?

So, some people may know that here in Scotland there has been a public consultation on same-sex marriage (and it's looking extremely promising!). One of the questions in the consultation was as follows:

"Do you agree that religious bodies should not be required to conduct same-sex marriages or civil partnerships if it is against their wishes?"

So what are your thoughts? As an abstract idea, should religion be able to have its own say? In the context of Scotland, should religion have its own say? Bearing in mind that our government is supposed to be separate from church/religion. Why?


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  • Dec 15 2011: no because thats what would cause more arguments just go to a differant place...BLAH
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      Dec 16 2011: I see...so I've to move out of my native land, but religious bodies should stay put? What if I said that they could "just go to a different place"? I, however, know that is a nonsensical argument, and therefore would not make it.

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