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Internet connectivity in the world - encouraging high-bamdwith and high-quality connectivity to be treated like a basic service

In this day an age, Internet connectivity should be treated like a basic service, together with water, electricity, and basic sanitation, and governments should guarantee basic high-bandwidth and high-quality access to this just like they do for water and electricity.

Today, Intenret access across the world is still a luxury, something you can do without, and something that you should pay absurdly high rates to acess,with premium services costing much more than is reasonable worldwide.

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    Jan 13 2012: An even bigger wall to climb, besides the price, is government censorship. Chinese leaders have no problem blocking important information on the internet it deems too critical of leaders and government policies. Many regimes feel internet access is a threat to their authority, and will make every effort to block it.
  • Dec 22 2011: Maybe
    but this point of view is being given due notice today
    India which did not care about this a year ago(having more privatized and better companies in Internet) has taken up a challenge to have a network connection in almost every house hold
    Slowly my friend this thing will get global.................
    People should get to see this. This wonderful event happening in montreal........How else will they be able to