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Religious Bridge

It seems that the debate between the 3 major religions centers on the differences between them, instead of the similarities. Each one is based on the belief that it alone knows divinity on all its aspects.
It would be wiser to understand that one person - even a prophet or messiah - can learn only a narrow angle of the divinity, and build a bridge over these differences rather than sustain the theological battleground.
Further more: the evolution of each of these religions shows a huge gap between it's historical foundation and the way it is practiced today. Going back to these foundations will emphasize the similarities and reveal their mutual source - a fertile starting point for a change.


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    Dec 14 2011: @Dalia. I'm sure your grandfather was a great person :)
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      Dec 15 2011: Yes, he was. He was my mentor and guide. One of the most important lessons I learnd from him is how much one smile can change someone else's life, as well as your own :)

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