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WIll building smart self-aware robots endanger our existence in the future?

All technology is progressing, researchers are uilding smarter and more self-aware robots. If we keep developing Artificial Intelligence, one day the robots might become 100% self-aware and them realise that they are better than us in everyway - infinite knowledge, stamina, life, etc. Will this mean the end for us? To put this in an interesting way, what i wonder is the "Terminator" movie will come true??


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  • Dec 19 2011: I personally cannot understand the interest in creating a self aware AI. why create another problem when we can use the resources and energy we have now to solve people problems. The only motivation I can think of with creating a self aware AI is companionship or extreme laziness (for the workloads), both of which can be solved with people or smart unaware robots.

    I just dont understand the facination with AI.

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