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WIll building smart self-aware robots endanger our existence in the future?

All technology is progressing, researchers are uilding smarter and more self-aware robots. If we keep developing Artificial Intelligence, one day the robots might become 100% self-aware and them realise that they are better than us in everyway - infinite knowledge, stamina, life, etc. Will this mean the end for us? To put this in an interesting way, what i wonder is the "Terminator" movie will come true??


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    Dec 15 2011: I actually think the biggest limit, to self aware robots, is that peole actually don't want them... If a professor, can design a professor bot, that teaches students just as efficiently, as he did... Well then... Who needs him?

    I'm actually less worried about self aware robots killing us all, than I am that they're going to make us all really boring, and sad...
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      Dec 15 2011: yes ofcouse. they wont make us boring theyll make us 'useless'. if a professor creates a professor bot, the robot will for sure be smarter than the professor. Because it will have access to all written knowledge via the internet,etc.there is no way that one human can know everything but that is definitely possible with a robot. This might become true in every field.
      And since we a useless they might just rule us. Thats as bad as them killing us dude.
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        Dec 15 2011: I think it is as bad... but I think it's what's going to save us... basically, what are professors with tenure famous for? Ego... We won't make ourselves useless. I actually think people will get close over and over again, but smart people will keep destroying the results... because we want to be the most important thing in the world damnit. I think literature may have saved us, and given our intellectuals a healthy fear of becoming obselete or dominated, and it might constantly make us destroy our greatest creation.
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          Dec 15 2011: Yes, in that case we have a chance. Lets hope that if a such research is completed they destroy the results. But still I think a better solution however improbable would be to make us equally smart in some way...maybe make a chip that could be implanted in the brain or something, so that we can be equally smart and work together with robots. I think so cause we possibly might need such robots for space explorations.. Just an idea... lol
        • Dec 30 2011: Self-aware is a human thing isn't it? Isn't it that dolphins, monkeys and us have this third choice? Our we really better off? That we can say yes, no, and maybe? That means that we would have to program a machine/ios to say "maybe".. That would be against any coding that most programmers would use, and would, in my opinion, be the only way robotics/I.A. would fight against us. You have to think.. life is a consuming, stealing, and borrowing thing. All of life either borrows or steals from the other, unless it becomes extinct.. Humans made it worse because of the choice of maybe. Before us, it was more balanced.. We are not a species made to last. We invent nuclear weapons, we fight all the time, we research science until we may possibly go too far, and then on top of that... we argue about whether we should risk inventing robots that "may" possibly take over our lives. If there is one thing I've noticed from humans, it's that we are so pressed on moving forward and learning, that sometimes we overlook the consequences.
          I'm all for robotics, and their advancements, I'm just afraid of the day that someone stops programming them to be helpful..

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