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Organic and anorganic world learning from each other

The organic and anorganic world should learn from each other.
The main disadvantage of the organic world is death. the standard solution was reproduction, now it will come cloning, exchange of defect organs with new-grown (repo man), exchange of organic parts of the human body with anorganic parts (first prothesis for arms and legs for the injured, than as improvement to organic body parts, last step the silizium brain?), brains in nutrient soup connected to a computer for simulation, digitalisation of life (software program instead of organic brain)...
The main disadvantage of the anorganic world, of our build products, is the enourmous effort to build the simpliest things when they do have to be produced very cheap or very accurate (eg the development of such a simple thing as a camshaft which has to be very robust and accurate). why dont we use the methods used by nature for developing things.
for production: give them a sort of dna so they self-assemble in an environment which provides the needed ressources (eg like a bone).
for sustaining themselves ("living"): products already get more creature-like. they get chips (an intelligence), they connect with each other and with the internet (communication), they get to their energy source automatically (cleaning robots). they will get more intelligent by getting or developing by their own a model of the world. combined with goals they will have a human-like intelligence. so this products could also automatically get spare parts if they are broken, get the needed materials, "cures" if they are build with smart materials.
development: if the products have dna, programs could be created that simulate an environment that rewards the desired functionalities of the product and eliminates undesired functions. so put virtual dna's in it, add competition for the desired functionalities instead of competition for food or woman, and let these possible products compete. and you should get really good products at the end.