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The actual banking system has to be dissolved.

The actual banking system has to be dissolved. The system with its interests and interest on interest, which leads to exponentially growing debt, lets go whole companies and now countries bankrupt. This is an absurd system, which is only made for the 1 % richest, the bankers. They have the exclusive right to print money (central banks which are a private institution consisting of a committee of all participating banks) and lend to every project that seems to make the most of money. With this exclusive printing rights, combined with interest, money gets channeled constantly from the 99 % of population to the 1 % rich without us even noticing it. What happens when we cant pay back our debt anymore, which has to happen in an interest on interest system where dept is growing exponentially? We are getting really enslaved by the banks. Expenses for health care, education and infrastructure has to be cut, the age of retirement is raised constantly only to pay the rich bankers. So we effectively live and work for them, for financing their luxurious houses, parties and vacations. Slavery, not anymore by force, but with system. This system has a catastrophic side effect: - Exponentially growing debt demands for infinite growth. On a planet with limited resources this cannot work. Companies have to pay back exponentially growing debt and therefor have to grow infinitely. In a system where money is the only incentive this leads to the exploitation of natural resources and our all living basis, our earth. This exploitation in the last 200 years already threatens all our future(CO2- emission, global warming).


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    Dec 14 2011: +1 mate. We need more people who think like you. But the problem is that our Politicians can't control these banks, because where else would they work after they retire from Politics?

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