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The women's revolution is the last revolution that the world will ever need. Male/Female equality is essential to human happiness.

When men and women acknowledge and experience their equality, there will be happiness, health, peace and all other good things throughout the parts or totality of the world that does this. Then all females and males can relax and simply enjoy life as we were obviously meant to do. The current inequality experienced in nearly all societies today is the basis of the turmoil and suffering of humankind.


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    • Dec 26 2011: "Women are good in office for recurring jobs. but are very slow in mastering or developing a new procedures. "
      This statement that you made is incorrect. Furthermore, it is insulting to women. It demonstrates your irrational prejudice against women.
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      Dec 26 2011: Tony. You won't run as fast as the fastest female runner, wrestle as hard as the best female wrestler and I guess you aren't a Marie Curie for that matter. Don't worry, I'm neither.
      "Women" aren't anything. Statistically they might be (though I hear lots of talk and see less studies) "somehow", but that doesn't mean anything on the personal level.
      I agree that jobs should be given based on an aptitude test. And I would even go so far in saying that "affirmative action" sometimes does wrong. Boo-hoo on that, man. We have wasted the aptitudes of our women for at least 4 or 5 millenia now because we have judged them by our criteria and built a society where their aptitudes talents and geniouses for that matter didn't come to serve us all. Because we were too short-sighted. I'm not talking of the 2.5 % andvantage a man may have sometimes over a woman, I'm talking about a farm that has two cows and you're only milking one because sometimes you observed her giving 2.5% better milk. Rational my ass.
      I see this as a rebelling phase. Rebelling most of the times means that you do a small stupid thing in order to avoid doing the big stupid thing that was going on, only to (if you're not neurotic) stop doing the small stupid thing after you realised the big stupid thing has indeed been stopped. It's in the history of individuals and societies over and over. And it's got a name: dialectics: the circle goes round - thesis - antithesis - synthesis. Remaining in the thesis is stagnation. Which for living organisms and societies means death.
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          Dec 28 2011: How did I miss this particular gem?

          "But the modern western woman is not as clever as our ancestors and cannot understand their logic, especially after a few years in a university."

          The modern Western woman lives in a vastly different universe than the ancients (who actually tended to worship the feminine, so I think you mean much more recent than ancient). Much that was labour-intensive can now be done with the push of a button and the size advantage of being male is gone.

          Birth control plays a large factor as well - it was not logical to invest the energy in training someone who would then take that knowledge and stay home taking care of children. The exceptions, of course, were women who were supposed to remain virgins (e,g, the untouched priestesses).

          And how is a politician flattering a woman somehow worse than flattering the egos of men with the lies they already tell? "No new taxes!" "My what a beautiful baby!" And oh yeah, that Margaret Thatcher was such a puppet. Especially when you compare her to the strength and wisdom of George W. Bush.

          Wow, you are just full of insights.
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          Dec 28 2011: Again with the not understanding the whole "range thing".

          I am in the 99.9th percentile. I'm about 60 IQ points off average (depending on the measure used). So your paltry 3 IQ point advantage bestowed upon you isn't really helping you in this argument.

          In fact, I am starting to suspect you are what balances out my IQ in determining "average".
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          Dec 30 2011: Tony, are these the lengths you have to go to to justify your bigotry? Reading Pseudo-Science written by weirdos? Look at what else Satoshi Kanazawa has to say:

          'Kanazawa calls himself “The Scientific Fundamentalist,” and claims to take “a Hard Look at the Truths of Human Nature.” His other articles include things like “Are All Women Essentially Prostitutes,” “Beautiful People Really ARE More Intelligent,” “What I Have Learned from Barry Goldwater,” and this statement on Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s divorce:

          'Yes, I called it, nearly two years ago. I knew their marriage was very short-lived long before they themselves did. Once again, such is the power of the evolutionary psychological imagination. We know everything, not because we are special, but because we are evolutionary psychologists.
          I’m a Mac, and I predict events before they happen.'

          Are you a Mac too Tony? Sheesh. How depraved is this thing going to get.
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      Dec 28 2011: Tony,

      I suspect you are just playing a little game to see what kind of a reaction you can get. Surely you do not believe this nonsense?

      If you do, we are going to vote you out of the "real man" club (if you were ever in it to begin with.)

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