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The women's revolution is the last revolution that the world will ever need. Male/Female equality is essential to human happiness.

When men and women acknowledge and experience their equality, there will be happiness, health, peace and all other good things throughout the parts or totality of the world that does this. Then all females and males can relax and simply enjoy life as we were obviously meant to do. The current inequality experienced in nearly all societies today is the basis of the turmoil and suffering of humankind.


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      Dec 25 2011: I am not attempting to disprove the content of your statement. I am questioning the validity of the assertion entirely.

      Hermaphrodite or not, you have posited a particularly masculine premise. It appears you are unable to conceive of it from a meta-perspective, which, for all your male "superiority" only supports my statement that what may be valid at the macro is utterly inapplicable at the micro.

      In this particular is definitely NOT contained the universal.
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          Dec 25 2011: Oh, but it is easy to explain tony, i did it below. The olimpic games have been designed as a test by men for men in the areas that men do best.
          I hope you are confortable with overexagerating as a means to make a point:
          So as far as you don't go to say it would be fair to have a race swimming between men and dolphins, a wrestling competition men vs. Grizzly and a cheetah competing in a 300 m running - it would only be fair to have the biologically best compete in an AREA where they are the best.
          So I think the feminist perspective has a point here, though they just narrow it down to the gender aspect of competing. Competing between people with different talents and strengths is absurd when it comes down to narrow aspects where one is bound to loose the competition. And we live in a society that enforces male values, partly lucky me (because who really wants half of his species unlucky? or unfulfilled partners?). In fact society biases so much that half of the gender people out there would be eager to sacrifice womanhood and the things women are really much better then men (on the average, like men on average are better in strength tasks), just for the sake of a misunderstood equalty.
          While equalty should mean: my best in A is as good as your best in B though I am way better than you in A and you are way better than me in B . And we shape a world where we put A and B to good use for each other.
          No matter what your favourite cake is, it would be hell to be allowed only to feed on it as a sole source of nourishment for the rest of your life.

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