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The women's revolution is the last revolution that the world will ever need. Male/Female equality is essential to human happiness.

When men and women acknowledge and experience their equality, there will be happiness, health, peace and all other good things throughout the parts or totality of the world that does this. Then all females and males can relax and simply enjoy life as we were obviously meant to do. The current inequality experienced in nearly all societies today is the basis of the turmoil and suffering of humankind.


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    Dec 25 2011: IAbout Tony below... I used to ask myself the same question in university: why "equalty" on the one hand and no mixed olympia sports on the other hand? For myself I have found some answers wich sumed up are actually one: there is a basic equality in nonequality or heterogenity.
    I a few months ago I found a quote atributed to Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”
    What I was doing and what you seem to do is judge an entire population based on criteria originally defined by one half of the population. By the monkeys who are now denigrating the fishes. So maybe we men should ask a different question: how come that a lot of you women, even if not the majority, are better then the majority of us men on items in which by biology or cultural boosting we should be best? How would we men score on a "test" made on the strengths of women?
    As a thought experiment, I imagine a world in 500 years when the lot of our technological problems will be solved and our societies will turn to art. And one of my grandgrandgrandchildren will come to have a splendid scientifical mind but no art inclination whatsoever. And maybe society will allow him to be a part-time kindergardener or a houseman and practice what he does best as a hobby. Because society doesn't realise how important it is.
    Michael Sandel made the point beautifully in one of the ethic lectures on youtube (starting with Rawls I guess) : What makes one more deserving for being born with the exact qualities that society demands at a certain time that would be regarded as unimportant 100 years before or after. Why be proud about the random winning of the genetic and cultural lottery?
    So yeah I think that the gender revolution is a very important one, to answer the starting question. I just don't think that it is a specific female revolution. There are other people in society who have at least the same amount of stake.
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      Dec 25 2011: I wonder if Tony will be better able to hear the words coming from a male.
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        • Dec 25 2011: Tony, I wonder if you think women should have an equal role in designing the institutions and systems within which our society operates. I wonder if you think women require an equal amount of money income and assets. I presume you realize that women ought to control their own behavior and men ought to control their own behavior and that neither should control the behavior of the other. Please look up the definition of the words "equal" and "same." Thank you.
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          Dec 25 2011: Tony, the comment was: Einstein: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The sentiment expressed therein, is totally different to the idea you express re the cat and the fish. Because you filtered it through your bigoted attitudes, you missed the point. Gisela, Rhona, Mihai, Albert Einstein and I all get the point, you do not. You see how stupid you become when you follow your bigotry?

          I have already violated one of my own personal principles continuing to egage with you, because I hope you will look at your comments, begin to see them for what they are and at least recognise and apologise for some of them.

          You and Mihai do not say the same thing, not at all. Unlike Mihai's remark, your comments are full of negative value judgements and the nastiest negative stereotypes. The conclusions you draw is that nothing needs to change, that things are as they should be. (bigots usually come up with a 'natural order ' I find) This attitude reflects gross bias and flies in the face of all the U.N. data on world equality, wherein women still do shockingly badly.

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