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What is it which keeps the heart beating? Is it soul? What does soul mean to you?

I am looking forward to hear your views.


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    Dec 15 2011: I think your first question is a purely biological one that could be answered by a surgeon. The leap between the first question and the second is rather large, to the extent that I wonder what made you think they were connected at all. The heart is a very real tangible organ in our bodies whereas the soul is a debatable concept, relating to nuances and ideas of the self that religions and philosophies for centuries have sought to understand. Now they can be reconciled but when you ask a very practical question about the heart and follow it by a very abstract and unrelated rhetorical answer and a theoretical question I cannot help but become more interested in why YOU happen to think that that this is the best way to relate them to each other.

    In response to the last question I will add that to me, the soul represents my very human desire to be individual, to be unique and to have an essence as opposed to being like a car; the sum of its parts.

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