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The death penalty is a method of punishment in several countries. Is it justified to give someone such a penalty? Is it right?

The law against right or wrong is so difficult and different in several countries. In some its flexible and some are so strict that certain individuals have the power to get someone executed over their crimes. Society has a different take on many of these laws. What does the world say? Is it fair to kill as a person for their wrongs and isn't this saying they do not deserve a second chance to life? Who has the the right to kill?


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  • Dec 19 2011: My idea is that nobody should be able to be killed even if they make unbelievable crimes(bad crimes). There could be other types of punishments, but killing someone alse is not fair.
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      Dec 19 2011: I echo your sentiments. I also say no to capital punishment but I have seen ruthless people who have no respect for humanity or life, Terrorists who kill for whatever reasons. Is it not justified then to apply capital punishment to such ill mannered beings.
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      Dec 20 2011: What is the alternative? Can someone, with full knowledge of what he was doing, murder someone and be allowed to live?

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