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What's your favorite word?

What is your FAVORITE word? I like the words "turquoise" "giggle" "macaroon" just because they sound so good. And I also like the words "resilient" "reinvent" and "invincible"... and so many more.

What's yours?


Closing Statement from Seo Rim Kim

Thank you everyone for taking a part in this conversation. I have really appreciated your deep thoughts and interesting choice of words.

Now here's one of my favorite words: Ciao!

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  • Dec 22 2011: I went to a Vipassana retreat last fall and all the agony of sitting still for hours and dealing with nothing but my head had me go through time periods where every human sound and word felt just painful, feeling either too distant or too close to me. But all through my meditation, whenever I heard Goenka say 'diligently' I felt better. The first part 'dili' sounds kind of funny the way it makes your tongue bounce and reminds the Finnish word 'kili' which means a babygoat. Goats happen to also be quite bouncy in a magickly light way, making climbing unstable mountains seem as easy as breathing. Despite the lightness of the word it still has a certain underlying paternal severity to it that is quite a different kind from 'persistance'. 'Persistance' sounds more like a tree being slapped by the wind and it receiving the beating rather passively until the winds decide to stop. It sounds a bit hopeless and impersonal in comparison. 'Diligently' is distinctly charged with a will and perhaps an intent. It sounds like somebody walking against the wind on their way home, making a constant choice to take a step and another one for as long as it takes and constantly asessing the changes in the situation. And the word ends with a 'gently', how can you not like that? So yes, for now, Diligently.

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