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What's your favorite word?

What is your FAVORITE word? I like the words "turquoise" "giggle" "macaroon" just because they sound so good. And I also like the words "resilient" "reinvent" and "invincible"... and so many more.

What's yours?


Closing Statement from Seo Rim Kim

Thank you everyone for taking a part in this conversation. I have really appreciated your deep thoughts and interesting choice of words.

Now here's one of my favorite words: Ciao!

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      Dec 19 2011: Hey Jam Good One!!!

      Here is the merriam webster defiinition


      at one time I was very attracted to the world "weltschmertz" ( spelling?) a sort of grieving for the world, carrying the grief of the world in one's own heart.. a very timely second cousin to your word

      fun to say..a complex and powerful meaning

      I shall appropraite it , if you don't mind..and use it
      • Dec 20 2011: Hi Lindsay. I appreciate your thought.

        I tend to associate it with Nietzsche’s stand on faith and the pursuit of truth, either worldviews which are bound to save or destroy us.

        “Every true faith is infallible. It performs what the believing person hopes to find in it. But it does not offer the least support for the establishing of an objective truth. Here the ways of men divide. If you want to achieve peace of mind and happiness, have faith. If you want to be a disciple of truth, then search.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche
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          Dec 21 2011: Hi Jam, really appreciate the quote by Nietzsche.
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          Dec 21 2011: Yes Jam,

          an important distinction..to seek truth and hear truth we must first put aside all that keeps us from that:
          a need for certainty
          a need for security

          although often enough, thank goodness, truth is a penetrating laser that pierces though all that an dplants its seed in the human heart dissolving all these obstacles until they no longer exist or are even remembered.once in a very great while this happens simultaneously to many all over the earth
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        Dec 21 2011: And a first cousin to that might be "schadenfreude," which is more or less getting a kick out of the weltschmertz.
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          Dec 21 2011: oh dearPaul....I trust this is not your state of mind or an invitation to schaenfreude..I am extending back in any event an invitation to create "conviviocrcay"

          Peace & Hope

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        Dec 21 2011: Weltschmerz: suffering of the world.
        Weltanschauung: The way you look at life and the world at large.

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