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What's your favorite word?

What is your FAVORITE word? I like the words "turquoise" "giggle" "macaroon" just because they sound so good. And I also like the words "resilient" "reinvent" and "invincible"... and so many more.

What's yours?


Closing Statement from Seo Rim Kim

Thank you everyone for taking a part in this conversation. I have really appreciated your deep thoughts and interesting choice of words.

Now here's one of my favorite words: Ciao!

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  • Dec 13 2011: "Geosmin" - literally 'earth smell'. Beautiful word, fascinating concept, essential compound.

    "Anhedonia" is ironically a pleasure to say.

    "Circulus vitiosus deus" - Latin phrase, coined by Nietzsche, 'god is a vicious circle'.

    • Dec 14 2011: I looked Anhedonia up and learned a new word. I think I know someone who suffers from this. Happily, most of my friends, acquaintances and people I just say hello to, don't.
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      Dec 14 2011: yup me too. I'm learning new words today :)
      I like the irony here haha.

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