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What's your favorite word?

What is your FAVORITE word? I like the words "turquoise" "giggle" "macaroon" just because they sound so good. And I also like the words "resilient" "reinvent" and "invincible"... and so many more.

What's yours?


Closing Statement from Seo Rim Kim

Thank you everyone for taking a part in this conversation. I have really appreciated your deep thoughts and interesting choice of words.

Now here's one of my favorite words: Ciao!

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  • Dec 14 2011: I love the word susurration. The very sound when pronouncing it is soothing. My students over the years have also enjoyed the word and tried to fit it into their sentences when ever they could. I used to say that when they are working, there should be a susurration of sound.

    I also enjoy ululate. The word matches the action and triggers vivid memories for me, especially of Xena.
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      Dec 14 2011: you seem to like the words of sounds :)

      I like susurration too. But I can't find the right context to use that word right. haha

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