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Who has read A Course In Miracles, The Way Of Mastery, A New Earth or The Celestine Prophecies, what has it done to change your life?

I am always interested in how things work to help us find our way. After reading these books I am amazed at the connectedness of everything. I seem to find connectedness in almost every book I read now, regardless of subject matter!

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    Dec 13 2011: I've read A Course in Miracles twice and am currently reading it a third time. The book has been instrumental in reconfiguring the way I live my life and relate to people. Little by little, day by day, I am learning more about the concept of forgiveness -- as The Course defines it. Which is to say that forgiveness is the forgiving of someone of something they haven't done. Meaning that what we want to forgive a person for is really a reflection of something going on inside of us/me -- NOT something they've done to us.

    This is taking responsibility for our own actions and making possible the healing of our own errors in thinking. This form of forgiveness works because what we "see" outside of ourselves -- including the "wrongs" we feel others do to us -- is merely a reflection of our own inner condition. Thus, by "forgiving" a person and contributing to their healing, we also forgive ourselves and contribute to our own healing.
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    Dec 13 2011: I found the Celestine books one big disappointing anticlimax. Pretending to be nonfiction didn't help nor that the writing was so mediocre. All of which is a pity as there are SOME decent concepts and even truths illustrated in them. The course in miracles I found useful and positive. I am not familiar with the other two.
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    Jan 12 2012: After you read the Celestine Prophecies you must read the Tenth Insight...awesome books. (There are also 11th and 12th insights)

    Like several others these books taught me about connectedness, but also about love. A Course in Miracles is about realizing that love is an evolving organism, not a stagnant emotion. Just like the faith of a mustard seed, the tiniest amount of love can transcend any amount of hatred and spite. So many books teach us to love our enemies as ourself, and the course in miracles showed me why.

    If you are interested in the books King James kept out of the official Bible there is a book called "The Other Bible" it has the gospel of Thomas, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Macabees, and many other books collected in one source book.

    Good luck on your path!

    @Chad - Whether people people find the writing mediocre or not the books are there because you're supposed to learn the principles contained, not to be the authors editor.
  • Dec 26 2011: I recommend The Urantia Book from Urantia Foundation:

    Lots of detail there and much good teaching. Details of Jesus' life not found elsewhere.
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    Dec 23 2011: It taught me that everything is connected. Coincidences is a way to read life as a book and offer us a different perception of how things work down here. And it also learnt me there's no randomness, everything happen for a reason we see it or not.
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    Dec 16 2011: I have read them. I appreciate each one of them for being unique and specific in their own story line and ability to speak to different age groups and their respective levels of enlightenment. Each one the books seemed to help me to battle the alone-ness that sometimes nearly overwhelms me when I consider my perceived relationship to the metaphysical. Usually, my road seems to be running against the winds of the majority's belief in their grasp of the un-natural reality.For me, the connectedness you mention is the un-veiling of the weave that creates the 'web of life'
    uni-verse = one song
    btw, my favorite is ANew Earth, by Eckhart Tolle..for sure
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    Dec 13 2011: And what other books do you recommend . Oh and The Message Of Aquaria !