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How to Kindle a Child's Hope in an Adult's Heart?

So many of the TED talks, grassroots movements etc... are reaching out to kids, about educating and motivating kids. But kids ARE energetic, their hearts aren't tainted by the bitterness of life's disapointments. I want to know, HOW DO WE RE-ENERGISE ADULTS? How do we get them to remember the wonder and awe they felt as children towards the world? To remember curiosity and the joy of simple acts of discovery and kindness. Not having despair or cynicism, but strength and compassion in the grim face of reality. That, regardless what the media wants us to think, there is hope and they can still make a difference no matter what age they are!

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    Dec 20 2011: FOR ME. Avoiding the media was a start. In this day if there is anything that I NEED to know I will find out. There is way too much unnecessary fear mongering in the media. It is like watching a horror movie. Adults are tough because we have our up bringing and peer pressure to wade through. The veil between our true being and the false reality can be heavy. Some will seldom get even a glimpse. But once we do it sparks a fire. Then the religious debate opens. It is surely a conundrum. But FOR ME I will keep searching. Never giving up. I have raised my children( as best I could )and now my grand children with love and try to guide them toward knowing that they have complete dominion of the thoughts they think and how they choose to react to things around them in a hope that they will not allow themselves as adults to become victims of despair. There will be bad things around us, but they can help us appreciate the good.From the bad we can learn how to be happy and loving while working toward changing the bad as opposed to allowing it to swallow us. Which I guess means I do have hope!
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      Dec 22 2011: Thank you for your comments! I am glad there are caring people like you to guide future generations. What was it do you think that got you to see past the veil and sparked your fire initially? What might you say to spark a fire in others and get them to have hope?

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